We are introducing you to the Pioneers who will be taking on the epic Wales360 off road challenge next July and this time it’s the turn of Alex Foster, who has been inspired to take on the Welsh challenge by his experiences in the joBerg2c race in South Africa.

“[It] sounds like the J2c but in the UK, I have a horribly feeling its going to be a lot harder though…” says Alex, who’ll be riding in the two man Propello #NTRC team, thanks to backing from Rob at Propello.bike, who Alex describes as “an amazing cycling coach and really supports his riders as they pick daft events to enter!”

Alex rode the joBerg2c for the first time in 2017, and the experience of riding in his first multi-day mountain biking event was one he’d highly recommend.

“Riding the J2c was an emotional experience, from the first morning outside Joberg to the last afternoon jumping in the Indian Ocean. In 2019 there are six of us from North Devon returning for their tenth edition!”

We are looking to seeing some wheelies across the Wales360 finish line come July, just as Alex in the joBerg2c

joBerg2c takes place at the end of April, covering 910km and 11,800m of ascent in nine days, compared to the 550km and 13,000m of ascent that Wales360 features in just six days.

“I managed to find someone else to ride with – it’s a lot of money for six days riding , but the experience should be amazing – not many people in the world will do something this hard!”

Having grown up always riding bikes, Alex migrated from BMXs in the woods to rigid steel frames and canti brakesin the Peak District.

“For the next 20 years I was a weekend warrior – just enjoying going riding where ever I was living, but never taking it seriously,” says Alex.

“After living in the USA for 10 years I had gained some additional mass – on moving back to the UK we had started MTBing again and my wife suggested we enter the joBerg2c – she is from near Durban and her Uncle had entered six or seven of the nine editions.

“After many evenings watching the YouTube daily updates from the last few years events we finally decided to enter. We signed up with a cycling coach and gave ourselves 18 months to lose weight, get fit and learn how to ride long distances for multiple days – this was a real turning point in our lives.

“Road riding and turbos, HR zones and Wattage, FTP and training dominated our lives – seeing the results from early mornings in the garage on the turbo was amazing. From always being the last up the hill on the weekly MTB rides to leading the group has been a great journey.”

That journey continues in 2019 with his return to the joBerg2c and then being amongst our Pioneers at Wales360 from 22 to 27 July.

You can find Alex on Strava here to see how his preparations and training for Wales360 go over the Winter.

For your once-in-a lifetime chance to be a Pioneer and compete in the first edition of Wales360 between Monday 22 and Saturday 27 July, sign-up to ENTER HERE. Pioneer entry is now sold out, but early bird prices are being held until Friday 7 December.

Wales360 is a full supported event with riders staying each night in the atmospheric Rider Village with accommodation, food & beverage, mechanical support, bike cleaning and entertainment all included in the entry fee.

All you need to do is to bring your passion for adventure and to focus on keeping you and your team-mate’s morale high and bodies working.

What's Included