Wales360 is going to be an epic challenge, testing riders to their limits across the 550 kilometre route and while physical fitness will play a key part of the adventure, it’s going to be vitally important to have a team-mate who keeps your morale up and gets you through the harder parts of Wales360.

Equally you too may be someone’s perfect partner for Wales360, and just the person to get them over that final climb and across the line into the riders’ camp one day.

How to choose your event partners or team-mates for Wales360?
When we talk about mountain biking many consider it to be an individual sport, and to be fair, it can be. However, when it comes to riding an event such as Wales360, having that friend you can rely on to help complete the course is crucial.

Wales360 follows the same successful format as events like the Cape Epic in South Africa or the Pioneer in New Zealand, and will pit teams against the tough but beautiful terrain of Mid and North Wales.

Across the epic six-day event, powering over mountains, slugging up hills and consistently having to tell yourself that there’s an icy cold beverage (or warm cup of tea!) waiting at the end, becomes psychologically far easier when your team-mate is in exactly the same position!

Choosing the correct companion is essential when preparing to take on such an enduringly challenging event as Wales360. 100km off-road rides for six days with nearly 13,000 metres of elevation don’t come around too often, but when they do – you need someone you can rely on to help share the workload! The Wales360 team have identified five possible factors that should be considered when choosing your mountain mate for next July.

1. Find a team player
If you’re riding with an individual, then a six-day challenge is not going to work when you’re meant to be working as a team. You want someone you can rely on, trust and guarantee that if you reach a point where you feel you can’t go on, your team-mate will inspire, encourage and drive you forward to reach the finish line.

2. Fitness
For a team player to be even more influential to your ride, it helps if the level of fitness is similar. Sharing the workload at an equal standard of fitness makes the challenge easier on both of you. A great aspect to mountain biking is people can have different qualities for different aspects of the sport. So don’t be afraid to choose someone that may be more enduringly equipped but may not have the qualities on a bike that you have in other areas.

But if one or other of you is worried about your fitness, don’t forget you can enter on an eBike! We’ll have categories for teams where one rider is on an eBike, and where both riders are equipped with the latest technology. If you’ve not tried one yet, we’d heartily recommend you give it a go!

Knowing your teammate and their ambitions for Wales360 will help. Do they want to rest up when you do? Are you both interested in the scenery and experience as much as setting a time on the special stages?

3. Overall event ambition
This and fitness tend to coincide with one-another. The overall objection is to complete the event, but you need to make sure that the other members of your team intend to finish the course at the same pace as yourself.

Wales360 will have a daily timed section and leaderboards, so if one of you wants to race while the other takes it steady then you’ll both suffer. There’s no right or wrong approach, providing you both share the same ambition.

4. Commitment
Great team-mates will stick with it until the very end of the Wales360 challenge, display genuine passion and commitment towards their team, give 110% and ensure that their team-mate is gaining the best possible support to help complete the entire event.

From the flag dropping in Aberystwyth to returning there six days later, there’ll be ups and downs (literally and metaphorically), but regardless of how you and your team-mates physical condition ebbs and flows, your commitment to each other will remain high.

With views like this on Wales360, you want to enjoy them with a like minded teammate

5. Positivity
Wales360 is not something you would want to be involved with when surrounded by negative people. Negativity can unfortunately drain team morale so it’s crucial to remember that when times get tough, you can work as a team positively to solve any problematic situations. Maintaining a fun, positive attitude will make you a popular team member, and an effective one to.

If you can’t find a team-mate for Wales360 don’t worry! We’ve set up a Facebook group for everyone who has entered and all of those who have firm intentions to take part.

So whether you want to me your fellow entrants or you want to enter but need some help in finding a team-mate,you can share your individual profile to find the perfect partner.

If this isn’t for you, don’t worry we have you covered! You can still enter solo and we will try our best to match you up with someone that can complement your strengths and objectives and you can complement theirs!

For your once-in-a lifetime chance to be a Pioneer and compete in the first edition of Wales360 between Monday 22 and Saturday 27 July, sign-up to enter here. Pioneer entry is now sold out, but early bird prices are being held until Friday 7 December.

Wales360 is a full supported event with riders staying each night in the atmospheric Rider Village with accommodation, food & beverage, mechanical support, bike cleaning and entertainment all included in the entry fee. All you need to do is to bring your passion for adventure and to focus on keeping you and your team mates’ morale high and bodies working.